About Robin Bullock

"Breathtaking...brilliant technique, always in service of the music."  
                   Guitar Player

"A musician whose technical skill and stylistic expertise are second to none...a time-served folkie of the highest calibre."
                   Classical Guitar (U.K.).

About Trevor Gordon Hall

"...Trevor Gordon Hall is one of the most unique and creative guitarists around. I love what he does with the Kalimbatar!"
                   Andy McKee - Legendary Acoustic Guitarist

"...In the genre of intriguing guitar players Trevor really stands out. His music is both soothing and challenging..."
                   Graham Nash - Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Crosby, Stills, and Nash

About Pat Donohue

“...I first heard Pat Donohue on the radio and got upset. Then I heard him in concert and got more upset. He thinks harmonically, improvises beautifully, and writes. If you're a guitar player, he's going to haunt you...”
                   Leo Kottke

“...A masterful guitarist and talented singer-songwriter of the blues, folk, and jazz... Donohue is a natural entertainer who possesses bundles of charm and wit.”
                    Los Angeles Times

About Ed Gerhard

" [Ed Gerhard’s music is]...some of the richest steel-string sounds you’ve ever heard." 
                    Andy Ellis, Premier Guitar Magazine

 “...Ed's CD "Luna" is featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine's 20th Anniversary list of the "240 Essential Albums."  Thissoulful albumof original compositions rich in melody, chordal complexity and stylistic variety proves why Gerhard is considered to have the most exquisite acoustic guitar tone on the planet.”
                   Acoustic Guitar Magazine

About Adam Rafferty

"......one of those few artists who waters and nurtures growth into jazz every time he touches a string, or composes a mood a jazz guitarist/composer who interacts personally with every note and melody played within each eclectic style he chooses to liberate.." 
                    Karl Strober, JazzReview

"Adam Rafferty doesn't know the fear of emptiness. There is hardly a fingerstyle guitarist that can reduce solo instrumentals and song accompaniment to their absolute barest tones like this New Yorker. And as one knows, less is often more. Here its about concentrating on the tight groove, which comes across light as air." 
                   Akustik Gitarre Magazine

"Adam is one of the greats. He's got it all, melody, harmony, groove and a big smile! A total joy to hear and see.!"
                   World Champion Fingerpicker Pete Huttlinger

About Al Petteway

"Never showy for the sake of showiness, Petteway is nevertheless an understated master
on six strings, his playing characterized by crystalline notes, warm tone, and crisp articulation."
                   ACOUSTIC GUITAR Magazine

"An innovative instrumentalist known for his open tunings, Petteway offers a rich, dulcet sound that features a fusion of old and new."
                    THE BOSTON GLOBE

"Al Petteway is quickly building a catalogue of some of the most beautiful instrumental guitar work ever recorded."
                     JAMES JENSEN

About Amy White (and Al Petteway)

"The songs and Amy's voice are wonderful."
                    Jim Rogers from WIUP in Indiana, PA

"[We] played the Amy White/Al Petteway [Home Sweet Home] CD this AM and got interesting phone calls … comments about her lovely voice and also comments about how the show 's music reached into peoples hearts and moved them, particularly Amy's work. “ Not the average drive time experience! "  "I'm gonna send you my therapists bill for stirring up so many feelings." 
                     Doug Echols from WPKN in Bridgeport CT

"Besides having one of the most beautiful voices around, Amy White writes some of the most enchanting songs you'll ever hear.   And teamed up with her Grammy award winning husband, guitarist Al Petteway, you've got one of the most captivating contemporary folk duos anywhere." 
                     Butch Kara from KZGM in Cabool, MO

The Appalachian Mountains have provided the inspiration for hundreds, maybe thousands of artists throughout the years.  Musicians Al Petteway and Amy White have added to this list with a stirring collection of tunes and songs that both cultivate the rich traditions of the region and begin the process of inventing new ones……Their loving approach to the music and for the land that inspired it seems to be a natural reflection of a bigger love for each other, and for the home they have created in this awesome little corner of the world.
                     Matt Watroba, Sing Out! Magazine