I must say I could not be happier to have invited Robin Bullock, Trevor Gordon Hall, Pat Donohue and Ed Gerhard as the first four headliners for this concert series. Each of these artists have national and international reputations as perfomers and artists. And knowing each of them from my own guitar explorations, I can vouch that these are high quality people who just happen to play high quality music.  Thank you Robin, Trevor, Pat and Ed.

The Opening Acts

For our first two Mansion Concerts, two wonderful guitarists joined me for short 30-minute opening sets. In January and April, guitarists Sandy Shalk and Martin Gangl joined me for these opening sets. These opening sets accomplish a few things. They bring variety to the show and give our headliner a chance to get a better feel for the room in which they will be playing. They also let me welcome everyone and after 30 minutes we can offer a natural and very short intermission for attendees to enjoy the pot-luck refreshments.  I cannot thank Sandy or Martin enough for helping me get these first two concerts off to a great start!